Who we are

Our Missions

The French High Committee for Civil Defence is composed of two organisations:

HCFDC Association, a non-profit organisation

HCFDC is an exchange platform between public and private stakeholders on global security issues, protection of the population and improvement of society resilience.

HCFDC association is a NGO created by French Parliament members in 1982. His President, Mr. Jean-René LECERF is a Senator.

The High Committee is divided in 5 "colleges": Public elected members (national & local), institutions and national associations, industry and services, critical infrastructures operators and experts.

The HCFDC is financially supported by The French Prime Minister department (SGDSN), the Ministry of Interior, The Parliament, the defense & security industry and critical infrastructures operators.

The HCFDC is organising seminars, symposia, events gathering all French stakeholders of security sectors : 120 organisations including 2500 members and 10 000 correspondents (more details on www.hcfdc.org/evenements).

It satisfies the growing need of discussions and information on : public-private partnerships, research on security as well as on key issues like preparedness, business continuity and resilience.

Among its members, it gathers several experts, intellectuals and scientists from several organisations :
  • French Ministry of Interior
  • French Ministry of Defence
  • French Minsitry of Foreign Affairs
  • French Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Developement
  • Urgent Medical Aid Services (SAMU)
  • Fire departments
  • The French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA)
  • Public transportations operators
  • National and local media...

HCFDC services, a SME

HCFDC Services is an SME created in 2007, wholly-owned subsidiary of the French High Committee for Civil Defence Association (HCFDC), dedicated to training, exercises and communication in emergency & crisis management as well as service provider in many communication fields (crisis and institutional).

Following the missions of HCFDC Association, several crisis management tools have been developped by HCFDC Services in order to provide public and private actors with means to better manage risk and emergency/crisis situations.

As a training body, HCFDC Services has organized many exercises, either for the government (several exercices for the French Government Communication Services) and private bodies.

Our Activities

Since 1998, HCFDC has a long-time experience in organising:

  • 100 Technical symposia and seminars
  • 140 dinner conferences
  • More than 150 monthly breakfast-discussions on current global security and civil defence topics in the French Senate
  • Many technical workshops.
  • 50 talk shows in our in-house studio
Symposium Symposium Talk Video PDJ PDJ

Training, exercises and simulations

More than 150 courses and training on CBRN, terrorism and emergency, crisis management, has been set up since 2003.

We also provide a yearly course on Homeland Security (50 people on 35 days of training).

We have organised several study tours and site visits in many countries: UK, USA, Singapore, Sweden...

The HCFDC also has organised more than 100 table-top and simulation exercises with simulation platforms.

Session Training Training Session

Report and experience feedbacks

The HCFDC has written many publications such as :

  • Position papers, books,
  • newsletters focusing on domestic and international issues on global security,
  • Yearly reports,
  • Special event analysis and reports (for example : report on the Sandy Super storm for the French Prime Minister Services)
Report Retex RETEX SANDY PP Pandemie PP Crisis Newsletter

Tools and crisis Management Assistance

The development of crisis management and monitoring tools by the HCFDC allows to provide crisis management software solutions for its members. With these tools, any organisation can easily build its own virtual crisis room.